Saturday, 8 May 2010

Andi's New Egg Salad

Never let the lack of a certain ingredient stop you from cooking (unless of course you're lacking something vital, such as the eggs when you need to make an omelette or fajita.. it would, at that point, be recommended to stop and find something else to do or eat). One first thing you could do, if, perhaps you have no inspiration left to get you out of this one, is checking for substitutes online. They work fine most of the times (for example adding a tablespoon of butter to a cup of hot milk so you can get fresh, homemade half&half, or a tablespoon of vinegar to the same amount of dairy product, wich after roughly ten minutes of action will result in pretty authentic buttermilk).

Under such circumstances, backed up by quite an unnatural egg craving, I found myself determined to get my fix of egg salad.. when not even a drop of mayo was available. Obviously, being the lazy person that I am, I had no intention of making any. So, should you find yourself in a similar situation, or just have bad experiences with mayo (although this is an egg recipe anyway), you should definitely give this recipe a try, for which..

You will need:

1 egg
1 slice of ham
1 teaspoon of mustard
2 teablespoons of buttermilk
salt and pepper to taste (although I add neither)
optional: 1 thin slice of cheese

Start by boiling the egg. Give it a quick wash-up and place it in a tiny pan. Pour some water over until the egg is submerged and set over a medium fire. When the water starts boiling, you know you have exactly eight more minutes to wait until your egg is done. At this point, you may add a dash of salt so as to prevent the egg from cracking and looking all deformed.. but this is just up to you. After the recommended time has elapsed, you can run the egg through cold water to make the peeling easier. Place the "peeled" egg in a small bowl and mash it with a fork to the desired level of chunkiness. Afterwards, add the mustard and buttermilk and mix well, but not exaggerately well. /:) Dice the ham and, if you're using any, the cheese very very finely and add this to the bowl as well. Give it a final whip, season if necessary, and serve on fresh toast. Spreading the egg salad on toasted bread slices will keep your sandwiches/servings from getting soggy too soon. This way.. you can take your time and linger over your food, or even transfer the ready-made sandwiches to a picnic. Beware though, one egg is only enough for one serving, so if you're really really hungry or making this for more than one person, consider at least doubling the ingredients!


P.S.: I really wish they would serve brunch here at the uni..

P.P.S.: I would be eternally grateful should anyone let my mom know this is what I want her to make for Christmas (besides, of course, the mushroom salad and all the other delicious, gruesomly fat traditional dishes!)