Sunday, 28 March 2010

Eggs in a Nest

Good morning imaginary readers! Ok.. I'll have to admit it's noting even close to morning, but this is yet another of my brunchy breakfast treats. By the way, sorry if the bitten bread slice disturbs you (woot?) but this was literally my breakfast and I was pluck-my-eyes-out hungry. It might be a relief to some hearing that this is not going to be a very long post. It's prolly not going to be a short one either cause I'm planning to tell ye guise all about the blog-makeover I've been sorting out for the past weeks. However, the lack of posts mustn't be blamed on that. We should definitely blame that on the samba (cause that's pretty much all that's going on in school lately. we're supposed to be busting our asses off studying for the baccalaureate but why bother when school is bliss?). Moving on.. ah yes, the make-over. Nobody could possibly remember the fact that in my very first post I mentioned the name of my blog as having nothing to do with cooking, food styling, dieting (ew) or anything food related. Nothing could be more true. I'll think ahead. Picture this: some of my readers are not romanian, therefore cannot speak romanian. (emma rite?) Oh scram, I know not yet but it's my imagination! In their honour, I'll be making a brief translation of the blog's url. Brace yourselves honeys, cause it actually means "six beautiful horses". Killer huh? So, since I wanted to integrate more goodies into my cooking journal, I thought maybe I'd add a logo of six such animals greedily munching on some fruit and cookies. You know those little ikea plushies? I bought some of those horses for my brother's birthday last year. Six of them. I had grand plans of how I'd glue countryside strawberries to their tiny.. arms and turn them into my fat gourmet minions. I could not do so. You might think.. of course you couldn't! There's no way that's gonna stick. Well, long story short, he lost them, so I am now in the process of designing my own six beautiful horses. They'll be adorning my blog soon so stay tuned!
Meanwhile, I am answering the request of DeDe, who asked for a simple and delishus recipe for.. lazy people. Well doll, eggs in a nest is the thing for you! Some of you might know this dish from the movie V from Vendetta. They were eating these babies like crazy! To make your own,

You will need:

eggs (as many as you like; I usually eat 2)
bread slices (as many as the eggs)
a littul butter (for frying the nests)

You may want to use bread that is already sliced so you don't have to make this extra effort. Plus, it looks tidier this way. I did have some sliced bread, but it wasn't the square type.. it was just your usual potato bread (I eat that to get fat. Not working.) After you've sorted this issue out, use something to cut out the centres of your slices. How big a hole? About enough to fit your.. egg. If you want to do something really cute, you may use cookie cutters like i did. The eggs might be too large to fit in the hole you've made, so there are risks when using uni-sized cutters. Of course it happened to me too, but.. shh! Moving on, melt a little butter in a pan. Let it become hot and foamy, but watch out, it will burn easily. You will be cooking the slices individually, so place only one in the pan. Crack the egg and pour the contents in the hole you've made in the bread. When achieving the desired "doneness", flip the now formed egg nest with a spatula and let it cook on the other side as well. Don't forget to cook your cut-outs! They look extra cuddly (/:)) when served along yo breakfast. Try eating them with jam or hazelnut spread as a dessert. Or hunny!


P.S.: Since my "atestat" is going to be about cooking and food styling, I thought I would be lots more convincing if I used my blog to demonstrate my thesis. Anyone think this is a good idea?

P.P.S.: Marzipan recipe tomorrow! Er.. soon!